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Source: The stories of the lives of the saints were transcribed from the book “Christian Year or Devout Exercises for all the days of the year” by Father Juan Croisset (1656-1738) of the Society of Jesus; translated into Spanish by Father José Francisco de Isla (1703-1781) of the Society of Jesus. Published in the 19th century.

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Dear Jorge: You have our permission to translate into Spanish
and use our articles on your website so long as you cite
Michal E. Hunt as the author and www.agapebiblestudy.com
as your source and include “translated into Spanish by Jorge Carballo.” Yours in Christ ><> Agape Bible Study

Author: Michal E. Hunt
Source: http://www.agapebiblestudy.com/ https://www.vaticanocatolico.com/
Translated into Spanish: Jorge Carballonoticiascatolicas2019.com


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